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  How Digital Innovation is Reshaping Business

Cutting-edge technology in business is an investment that pays for itself a thousand times over. When utilized properly, It can help increase efficiency and ensure resources are being used to their full potential. Technology can help expand the reach of the business, serving more clients and creating more revenue.

A strong, focused IT department helps create stability and momentum that can keep up with the fast-paced world of technology. Making sure your organization has leaders who are prepared to be at the forefront of digital innovation is key to transformation, though. With the right person driving change, you can be confident that your organization will adapt and evolve to match the ever-changing needs of customers and stakeholders.

One of our recent engagements was a search for a Vice President of Information Technology & Digital Innovation for the Inter Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR). This $36M not-for-profit organization serves the needs of the collision repair industry to deliver have the information, knowledge, and skills required to perform complete, safe, quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the customer.

Although I-CAR had 500 part-time instructors and a network of 2,100 volunteers that they relied on for local marketing of training and instructor support, the organization realized a unique need of those in the industry: people wanted convenient, on-demand, accessible training at their fingertips. Onsite, instructor led trainings did not always suit participants. There were also legacy technologies being used at I-CAR and a change resistant IT function. This created a strong need for a driven, progressive IT leader who could transform operations and bring I-CAR to the next level of training options.

Through exploring and reaching out to talent in higher education and the automotive industry, we were able to connect with Andy Johnson, a passionate, change-driven IT executive. Johnson had extensive experience in the automotive industry, having spent 27 years at AO Smith/Tower Automotive. Andy had a proven track record of building and managing a world class IT infrastructure, was financially astute, and had previous experience in working with world class systems, applications, and system integrations. He was creative and strategic while still being friendly and approachable. Through his leadership and mentoring, Andy had built strong, capable IT teams and functions in his past position.

Because of his experience, personality, and drive, I-CAR made the decision to hire Andy as the new VP of Information Technology and Digital Innovation. This decision brought incredible business value to the organization, and now I-CAR has the leader they've been searching for to transform IT operations and take training to the next level of reaching those in the industry. For the full case study on I-CAR, click here.

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