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A Leader Among Telecommunications Executive Search Firms | Telecommunications Executive Recruiters

As a leading executive search firm within the telecommunications industry, our search consultants work with companies in the fields of wired telecommunications, wireless telecommunications, satellite telecommunications, and telecommunications resale to locate and attract outstanding executives and managers.  Our telecommunications recruitment efforts focus on the 11,000+ companies in the U.S. telecommunications industry while also providing service to the global telecommunications sector, which accounts for roughly $2 trillion in annual revenue.  Our communications executive search consultants work across various sectors of the industry and have experience recruiting telecommunications executives in the U.S. and in Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and South and Central America.

As advanced wireless technology continues to develop, the telecommunications industry is expected to grow significantly in the next several years.  A company’s success in the industry is largely dependent on efficient operations, good marketing, and experienced leadership.  With the help of our telecommunications executive search firm, companies can maximize profitability by finding and retaining exceptional leaders.  Lordstone Corporation can save you time, money, and energy in your talent acquisition efforts.

While large telecommunications companies have the financial resources to build and maintain large networks and provide highly automated service to large numbers of customers, most U.S. telecommunications companies are relatively small, providing services to local or regional markets.  We offer telecommunications recruiting assistance to small, medium, and large businesses ranging from $1 million to $60 billion in revenue.  No matter your need, our telecommunications executive search consultants can assist you in identifying, attracting, and recruiting top telecommunications managers and executives.

As a small telecommunications executive search firm, we give our clients highly personalized service, resulting in the long-term benefit of clients and candidates alike.  We offer top quality service in the fields of:

  • Wired Telecommunications Carrier Executive Search and Recruiting
  • Wireless Telecommunications Carrier Executive Recruitment
  • Satellite Telecommunications Executive Recruiting
  • Telecommunications Reseller Executive Search
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