Episode #5 - Freedom for Business Leaders

In this special 4th of July video we share how defining your company values, vision and mission can lead to less organizational disfunction, turmoil and underperformance.

Excellence In Hiring Series - Video 1

No other strategy will pay the dividends that great hiring will provide. If you can learn to make the right investments in people, like great investors make in securities, you'll make less hiring mistakes, experience less costly turnover, reduce organizational friction and reach your goals more quickly and profitably.

Episode 4 - Don't Let the COVID-19 Crisis Define Your Business

Produced as a compliment to the June 2020 issue of Upper Peninsula Business Today. We discuss how a tactical response to the COVID-19 pandemic can lead to disappointment versus thinking strategically can lead to business sustainability and prosperity.

Episode 3 - Hope, Attitude, and a Problem Solving Tool

This episode accompanies our April 2020 article published in UP Business Today. In episode 3 we discuss encouragement for small business owners during the COVID-19 crisis. We also discuss the importance of attitude during a crisis and introduce a simple problem solving tool for your small business.

Episode 2 - Execution (Getting Things Done)

Episode 2 discusses that seeing our strategic goals met is about executing and getting things done. Specifically, in this video we discuss two components of execution - purpose and pace and how that relates to cross country skiing.

Episode 1 - Strategic Thinking

In this inaugural episode, I talk about what we’ve observed from assessing over 600 businesses and interviewing 3,000 leaders is that the good business owners and leaders are long-term strategic thinkers.

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