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Lordstone Executive Search and Selection Services focus on delivering executive talent to clients that is strategically matched to their business objectives. Serving as true consultants and advisors during a required on-site visit, we uncover our clients business challenges and opportunities, using them as the basis for a complete job model. We then assist clients in defining their executive roles along with the associated expectations and accountabilities of each position. A cultural understanding is gained from working with our client and the peers to which the position will interface on a regular basis.

"Almost everything about working with Lordstone was different than working with other firms in the past. Lordstone made it a priority to truly understand our organization’s needs as well as our culture. They brought qualified candidates versus available candidates. They brought value to our company not only by presenting top shelf candidates but by teaching us how to conduct this process more effectively in the future. They followed up to ensure the candidates we successfully on-boarded and participated in this process. Lordstone is unlike any other search firm I have ever worked with and has set the bar extremely high for any future search firms we might consider working with.”

Once the position is defined, we develop a marketing document designed to elicit the interest of industry leaders who are typically employed, producing the results our client would like to achieve. Concurrently, our research team begins developing a target list of organizations that would most likely employ executives with the qualifications our client is seeking. During this time, we also will identify those executives within our expansive database that hold promise and would most likely be qualified and interested in our clients role. The next step in our executive search and selection process is to identify those executives within the function of our clients position and directly approach them to determine their interest in exploring our clients opportunity.

Once preliminary interest is developed within a suitable number of candidates (ideally 20-40 individuals), our qualification and vetting process begins. Utilizing a 4 step process that encompasses an introductory, skills based, competency and biographical based interviews, conducted via telephone, video and in person means, we scrutinize the experience, character traits and environmental aspects of the executives background. After our 4 step qualification and vetting process, the top 3-4 candidates remain, which are presented to the client during a candidate profiling and client interview prep session. In-depth reports are shared with our clients that help them mitigate risk in the hiring process.  

As a matter of best practice within the industry, our search consultants attend each of our clients interviews, which are conducted over a 2 day period, serving as advisors and providing counsel throughout the interviewing process. Clients select 2 finalist candidates which are then interviewed at a separate date and time, which often includes a sharing of a meal with spouses or partners.  From these interviews, a finalist candidate is selected and an offer is structured by the search consultant and client that results in acceptance and a start date being established.

Follow up calls with the chosen executive are scheduled throughout the first year, along with any integration visits that incorporate a 360 degree feedback mechanism to insure fit, function and rapid results.

"The caliber of the slate of candidates put before the committee was exceptional and when the decision was made to move forward with an individual, Lordstone stayed engaged until every last detail was worked out. Lordstone met every commitment they made with respect to process and time frames and we were extremely pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Lordstone for your recruiting needs."

Elise Quadrozzi, Board Chair, I-CAR International Boad of Directors
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  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Maritime Executive
  • Country President
  • Division President
  • General Manager
  • Vice President - Asia Pacific
  • Vice President of Engineering
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing
  • Director of Engineering
  • Director of Sales
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